Nice to Meet You

My absolute favorite thing to hear someone say is: "I don't take good pictures."....Challenge accepted! When I hear this, I get all giddy inside because I KNOW that I can deliver images of you that you will love. "I'm awkward in front of the camera." Not in front of my camera, you're not! Being on the subject side of the camera is the worst. I get it. It's unnatural for me and I'm betting it's uncomfortable for you too. I feel exposed and the center of attention (which I hate). Let's work through these and any other insecurities together. I like to think of myself as a specialist in making people see how beautiful they are.

Behind the Lens
Whitney Boyd here, wife to Justin and mom to two littles, Caedmon and Reveille (unique baby names are my jam). I'm a Christian, a reader, and a lover of ice coffee and ice cream (Noticing a theme?? It's hot here in Tampa Bay!). I have been a natural light photographer for 15 years and my talents are best shown through babies, families, seniors and an abundance of sweet sunlight!

Fun facts: I'm a Physician Assistant. I'm a lefty (someone's gotta be in their right mind around here). I'm very indecisive. Suturing a patient? Easy. Choosing an ice cream flavor? Impossible!

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