Big shout out to all of our family for all the baby help.  It was a dark, sleepless time as the flu slowly ran its course through our whole family (it spared the baby!).  Justin had a fever in the delivery room.  He wore a mask and spoke to Revi in a heavy, raspy voice:  “Reveille, I am your father.”  As if having a newborn wasn’t tiring enough, having the flu was like pouring lemon juice in a wound.  When Revi was sleeping well, Caedmon would come into the room.  “My blanket fell off….I tooted.”  Ok, thanks for letting me know…  I think my lowest moment was crying because Justin bought crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy.  She is almost 2 months now and sleeping through the night.  I am slowly becoming human again.

We attempted some photos when Autumn and parents came to visit.  She was 4 months and made Reveille seem even tinier!  Autumn’s movements seemed to be fast forwarded while Reveille was practicing Tai chi.  This is as close as we got to a group cousin photo!  Juggling 3 little schedules for a photo is a near impossible task.