Meet this little hunk, Holden Noah.  I went to Orlando to meet this little squish and help his momma get out of the house.  I brought Revi since it was an overnight trip and I was nursing.  She is such a laid back baby, so I thought juggling two would be pretty manageable.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, but I severely underestimated 2 babies!  My plan was – If Revi was fussy, she could just wait patiently until Holden’s needs were met.  She has an older brother and is very naturally patient.  I didn’t factor in that some of Holden’s needs would require silence!  As soon as Andia was planning to leave (both days), these 2 ganged up on me and cried simultaneously.   Both were sleepy, but couldn’t fall asleep with the other screaming!  I was not inspiring confidence for Andia to leave her child with me while she got alone time.  She was patient and flexible and helped me out to settle them before she left.  Everything was smooth sailing from there!  I was thankful that she delayed her fun.  During awake time, we snuck in some photos of this little model.

If you haven’t read Andia’s blog, please check it out and follow along!  Andia and Keith lost their first baby boy in the Nicu.  I was so impressed by how they have handled their grief.  They turned to God, they turned towards each other instead of away, and they are still smiling…and they are rockin it in the role of mom and dad.  You can tell by this precious, happy baby below.  Enjoy these pics!  (Check out her story here)