About me



Hello, I’m Whitney Boyd.  Wife to Justin.  Mommy to Caedmon and two puppies named Rhema and Glory [who we call Big Butt and Little Butt….seriously, I’m not even sure if Glory actually knows her real name].  I am a Christian. A reader. A natural light photographer. And a lover of ice coffee and ice cream [noticing a theme?  It’s hot in Florida].  I also enjoy run on sentences….

When I’m not taking pics or working [as a PA], most days you’ll find me:

  • -Chasing a very fast one year old
  • -Making monkey sounds with said one-year old
  • -Drinking an iced mocha
    [or wishing I was]
  • -Stalking Joanna Gaines
  • -Eating
  • -Ignoring the laundry


When I people watch, glance out my car window, or engage in conversation with someone, in the back of my mind I draw a box around the scene and imagine it as a photograph. I prefer to ‘think’ in pictures.  I am self taught – first learning on my nieces and nephew and now I made my very own adorable human to torture practice on.

My talent is best shown with babies, kids, families, seniors, and an abundance of sweet sunlight.  I don’t have a studio, nor do I ever want one.  I want to explore, find the light, and marry it to your story and your beauty.  I live in Tarpon Springs, FL.  Excited to discover Tampa Bay!

Thank you for stopping by.  I’m so glad you’ve come.  Let’s connect

-Whitney Boyd