Welcome to the third trimester, Ashley and Daniel!  Ashley has been cooking up a niece for me, coming late September.  We took a few shots while on vacation up in Minnesota.  Is it the sun backlighting her or the pregnancy glow??  I think both!  Hurry up Autumn Rose, I can’t wait to meet you!

I don’t do a ton of studio work since I mostly shoot outdoors, but this garage studio setup was so fun!  We got a bunch of great ones, but this was Arnel’s top pic.  Looking good!

Meet the Griffin Fam.  This was their first ever family photoshoot – and they rocked it!  They coordinated the outfits perfectly and they enjoyed themselves and each other during the shoot.  They just bought a new house and are planning on a big living room collage of 4 photos.  What a great housewarming present to themselves!  That will make unpacking a little less painful with these sweet faces as the finishing touches on the wall.  Enjoy – you guys did awesome!

Brooke – Mini session senior shoot!  I’m loving the bright, spring colors Brooke chose.  She’s light as a feather with summertime here.  I miss the days of summer break.  You feel like you have the whole world ahead of you even though it’s just 2 months.  Enjoy the time Brooke as you relax and prepare for senior year!

Meet baby Vailon.  He was so cute and sweet, even when plotting world domination (you’ll know which picture I’m referring to!).  It’s been a while since I’ve done a newborn shoot.  I forgot how tiny and precious they are!  Fun fact – mom’s head got decapitated in the 4th pic. That’s right – I shoot people in the face and then cut their heads off.  Ok, this post is getting kinda morbid for a newborn sesh.  Enjoy these beautiful eyes and wiggly toes! #4 is getting printed as a 16×24 – can’t wait to see it!  That’s gonna be bigger than Vailon!