This fresh little pineapple is two!  Her interests do not include modeling for pictures.  She prefers glaring at the camera and running into the street.  But like it or not, McKenzie, we captured your sweetness!  I went to PA school with mom, Kara.  It is so fun to see life on ‘the other side’ – instead of studying and coffee….Babies and coffee =)  McKenzie is so smart!  At not even 2, she is speaking in full sentences and singing along to her favorite songs.  Kara and Rey, good luck keeping up with this one!  Happy Birthday McKenzie!

We are having a baby….GIRL!  Pretty excited for hairbows and tutus.  Caedmon is excited too, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Matching flamingo outfits?  Yes, please.  This entire family session was just an hour of laughter.  Enjoy.

Meet our Realtor and long time friend, David!  We have decided to sell our house.  Not because there is anything wrong with it.  In fact, it’s a wonderful place with a ton of bedrooms, large pool, and walking distance to 2 beaches and 3 schools!  But with another baby on the way, we need to downsize.  We’re planning to stay in the area.

David got us into our house and now it’s his job to get us out of it.  David Bolton is one of the top selling realtors with Remax.  He is wonderful at his job!  He listens to his clients, anticipates their needs and is always readily available (yes, he did take a phone call right in the middle of our photoshoot). David is also very well connected in this community which makes him a great asset when buying and selling.

Thank you Change family for shooting my pregnancy announcement.  I snapped one of them for a quick photo exchange.  It wasn’t long before we were melting with heat and eaten alive by mosquitoes.