LOOK at these three!  Baby Karr is coming so soon and I can’t wait to meet her!  Jacob and Carrie were headed to the shoot straight from a doctor’s apt.  It was a race to beat the sunset, but I think we pulled it off!  Apparently, the Karrs left the doctor’s apt with the instructions to take it easy.  Of course, I didn’t know this as I’m asking her to walk, twirl, get up and down over and over and jump.  (jk jk, I would never ask a pregnant woman to jump).  A ranger pulled up and asked us to get out of the sea oats due to rattlesnakes.  I don’t know how you’d explain to the doctor how you got a rattlesnake bite while on “bed rest”.

I’m sure Carrie is resting comfortably now on her couch with feet propped up, drooling over her pictures where the sky matched her dress.  So glad we captured this season of anticipation before their lives change forever!


Baby Gabey does NOT like the heat.  It was super hot on his baptism day, and this photoshoot turned out be one of the hottest recorded days in Tampa Bay’s history!  I’m looking forward to our next shoot in the winter season (which of course, I know, is not a guarantee in Florida).  Check out these fun family pictures with Mr. Handsome Pants.  I’m loving this new location – the Largo Botanical Gardens!


Meet this little hunk, Holden Noah.  I went to Orlando to meet this little squish and help his momma get out of the house.  I brought Revi since it was an overnight trip and I was nursing.  She is such a laid back baby, so I thought juggling two would be pretty manageable.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, but I severely underestimated 2 babies!  My plan was – If Revi was fussy, she could just wait patiently until Holden’s needs were met.  She has an older brother and is very naturally patient.  I didn’t factor in that some of Holden’s needs would require silence!  As soon as Andia was planning to leave (both days), these 2 ganged up on me and cried simultaneously.   Both were sleepy, but couldn’t fall asleep with the other screaming!  I was not inspiring confidence for Andia to leave her child with me while she got alone time.  She was patient and flexible and helped me out to settle them before she left.  Everything was smooth sailing from there!  I was thankful that she delayed her fun.  During awake time, we snuck in some photos of this little model.

If you haven’t read Andia’s blog, please check it out and follow along!  Andia and Keith lost their first baby boy in the Nicu.  I was so impressed by how they have handled their grief.  They turned to God, they turned towards each other instead of away, and they are still smiling…and they are rockin it in the role of mom and dad.  You can tell by this precious, happy baby below.  Enjoy these pics!  (Check out her story here)

Are you sick of pictures of my kids yet?  Good, me neither.  Here was one last shoot from MN.  Even though it’s JULY, jackets were needed in the evening.  We were up in MN for a memorial service for Justin’s grandfather.  Service was beautiful and we had a great time with family.  We will sure miss going up to beautiful Crosslake!  Glad we snuck in pictures as a keepsake.

Gigi bought all the grandkids coordinating outfits.  Photoshoots are inevitable when we’re together, so she planned ahead!  We had such a great time up at the lake.  (Also, don’t judge me for my daughter eating grass.  It’s hard to be on mom duty and photographer duty!)