It was supposed to be the whole family in these photos.  But we lost Noah to the movie theater and Aaron to the gun range.  Fine, more camera time for the girls then.  Have you ever considered a “lifestyle” or “day in the life” shoot??  It was fun shooting in their element – dancing, reading and enjoying the comforts of home.

Justin and I recently put our house on the market (we are just moving locally, don’t worry).  It’s a very large house that we hadn’t finished decorating.  One potential buyer commented that the house felt “sterile” and needed more art on the walls.  So I knew exactly where to go – Architectural Salvage Bank!

I thought about hitting up the clearance isle at Home Goods or Target, but I’m so glad I didn’t.  Her shop was filled with custom and creative pieces.  In the dining room, we put a 6 ft wood framed chalkboard.  We have two reclaimed doors secured to the wall.  She lent us a hymnal board found in a Methodist church and, in Caedmon’s room, we hung a large vintage board game.  The house looks great!  Thank you Robin.  Since I showed pictures from her store last time, I thought we’d show off pictures from the workshop.


Big shout out to all of our family for all the baby help.  It was a dark, sleepless time as the flu slowly ran its course through our whole family (it spared the baby!).  Justin had a fever in the delivery room.  He wore a mask and spoke to Revi in a heavy, raspy voice:  “Reveille, I am your father.”  As if having a newborn wasn’t tiring enough, having the flu was like pouring lemon juice in a wound.  When Revi was sleeping well, Caedmon would come into the room.  “My blanket fell off….I tooted.”  Ok, thanks for letting me know…  I think my lowest moment was crying because Justin bought crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy.  She is almost 2 months now and sleeping through the night.  I am slowly becoming human again.

We attempted some photos when Autumn and parents came to visit.  She was 4 months and made Reveille seem even tinier!  Autumn’s movements seemed to be fast forwarded while Reveille was practicing Tai chi.  This is as close as we got to a group cousin photo!  Juggling 3 little schedules for a photo is a near impossible task.

Her name means “Wake up!  The Lord has responded”.  Reveille is French and is pronounced Reh-vuh-lee.  I planned to nickname her “Revel” for short, but Caedmon beat me to it with “Baby Revi”.  This sweet little princess weighed in at 7 lbs 9 oz and was born on my mom’s birthday!

A few people said “Why aren’t you and Justin in your Christmas card photo?!”  To which my response is “I’ve been pregnant for 243 days.”  I’m impressed with myself for even getting the toddler out the door dressed in something cute and unstained.  So Merry Christmas from the Boyds…er, from Caedmon.