A few people said “Why aren’t you and Justin in your Christmas card photo?!”  To which my response is “I’ve been pregnant for 243 days.”  I’m impressed with myself for even getting the toddler out the door dressed in something cute and unstained.  So Merry Christmas from the Boyds…er, from Caedmon.

This photoshoot was actually an impromptu session while on a playdate.  Libby was only in town for a few days and our schedules only overlapped on one day.  We said “Let’s go play at the park in cute clothes just in case picture opportunities arise.”  Caedmon and Charlie played (and held hands) while dodger slept.  Dodger finally opened his little peepers just before the sun dipped down.  Photographers always talk about the ‘golden hour’, when the sun is setting and the light is soft….but in Florida, it’s the ‘golden 10 minutes’.  The sun just falls out of the sky around here!  We snapped a few and caught some precious new sibling moments.  We clapped our hands to get Charlie’s attention, so she clapped hers and let Dodger face-plant on the grass.  So glad we snapped a few!

Another great senior session.  Naika has worked so hard and is nearing the finish line – graduation is right around the corner!  Great work girl.


I am loving this senior session!  Shane had the model look down.  I think he may secretly watch America’s Next Top Model, cause he’s got Tyra’s ‘Smizing’ all figured out.

Caedmon and I worked the pumpkin patch this week.  We lucked out with perfect fall weather!  He did a great job exploring the pumpkins, milking a cow, and playing with his ‘laptop’ (he stole the calculator).  I had to trap him in the pumpkins in order to keep him still.  My favorite little pumpkin.