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Baby Gabey does NOT like the heat.  It was super hot on his baptism day, and this photoshoot turned out be one of the hottest recorded days in Tampa Bay’s history!  I’m looking forward to our next shoot in the winter season (which of course, I know, is not a guarantee in Florida).  Check out these fun family pictures with Mr. Handsome Pants.  I’m loving this new location – the Largo Botanical Gardens!


I love them.  that’s all.

We corralled a sunburned, tired bunch in front of the door for some family photos.  Plenty of funny faces to go around!

The Simpson family now has 3 beautiful girls (and 2 more foster girls at home!).  To say they have their hands full is an understatement.  Baby Liberty was born 2 days after my little girl.  Can’t wait for them to grow up as besties!

It was supposed to be the whole family in these photos.  But we lost Noah to the movie theater and Aaron to the gun range.  Fine, more camera time for the girls then.  Have you ever considered a “lifestyle” or “day in the life” shoot??  It was fun shooting in their element – dancing, reading and enjoying the comforts of home.