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LOOK at these three!  Baby Karr is coming so soon and I can’t wait to meet her!  Jacob and Carrie were headed to the shoot straight from a doctor’s apt.  It was a race to beat the sunset, but I think we pulled it off!  Apparently, the Karrs left the doctor’s apt with the instructions to take it easy.  Of course, I didn’t know this as I’m asking her to walk, twirl, get up and down over and over and jump.  (jk jk, I would never ask a pregnant woman to jump).  A ranger pulled up and asked us to get out of the sea oats due to rattlesnakes.  I don’t know how you’d explain to the doctor how you got a rattlesnake bite while on “bed rest”.

I’m sure Carrie is resting comfortably now on her couch with feet propped up, drooling over her pictures where the sky matched her dress.  So glad we captured this season of anticipation before their lives change forever!


Check out this cute baby announcement from Jacob and Carrie Karr!  It took me an embarrassingly long time to make the “car” pun connection.  New little Karr coming soon!  (See their toy Boone puppy in the truck bed?  So cute.)

Welcome to the third trimester, Ashley and Daniel!  Ashley has been cooking up a niece for me, coming late September.  We took a few shots while on vacation up in Minnesota.  Is it the sun backlighting her or the pregnancy glow??  I think both!  Hurry up Autumn Rose, I can’t wait to meet you!

When I was in West Palm for Ashley’s gender reveal party, Danielle and I snuck out to the backyard to exchange a quick headshot.  We were hot and sweaty and didn’t have a lot of time or good backgrounds to choose from, but we pulled it off!  Danielle is a photographer that I met through my photo business course.  She is based out of the Delray/West Palm area and does everything from family shoots to weddings!  If you’re in her area and needing photos, check out her facebook page here (her website is being remodeled right now =)  Danielle is super sweet.  She shot our gender reveal event and she was so friendly and easy going.  Thanks so much Danielle for covering that event for us, so that I could just participate and enjoy the party.

Btw, Ashley and Daniel are having a GIRL!  Which means I get to buy adorable froofy dresses =)  For the reveal, we filled black balloons with PINK paint and tied them to a canvas.  Apparently, metal tipped darts are nowhere to be found in the US, so I had to fashion a bayonet out of a needle and tape.  The resulting explosion left baby girl Diaz with beautiful artwork for her nursery!  So excited to have a niece =)


Steve and Kate are my neighbors and they are expecting a baby boy in January!  This will be their first, unless you count their puppy, Lucy.  Can’t wait for Caedmon to have a little buddy to ride bikes and explore the woods with.  This photoshoot involved a lot of walking and laying down in wet leaves…so glad you guys were willing to get dirty!  I can’t stop looking at the beautiful fall colors in these photos!rtyuIMG_6624sdtIMG_6662IMG_6676lfgIMG_6890IMG_6959IMG_6969shIMG_7111IMG_7143sfhhIMG_7196