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Are you sick of pictures of my kids yet?  Good, me neither.  Here was one last shoot from MN.  Even though it’s JULY, jackets were needed in the evening.  We were up in MN for a memorial service for Justin’s grandfather.  Service was beautiful and we had a great time with family.  We will sure miss going up to beautiful Crosslake!  Glad we snuck in pictures as a keepsake.

Gigi bought all the grandkids coordinating outfits.  Photoshoots are inevitable when we’re together, so she planned ahead!  We had such a great time up at the lake.  (Also, don’t judge me for my daughter eating grass.  It’s hard to be on mom duty and photographer duty!)

I love them.  that’s all.

We corralled a sunburned, tired bunch in front of the door for some family photos.  Plenty of funny faces to go around!

It was supposed to be the whole family in these photos.  But we lost Noah to the movie theater and Aaron to the gun range.  Fine, more camera time for the girls then.  Have you ever considered a “lifestyle” or “day in the life” shoot??  It was fun shooting in their element – dancing, reading and enjoying the comforts of home.