Behind the Lens

Hello, I'm Whitney Boyd. Wife to Justin and mommy to Caedmon and Reveille (unique baby names are my jam)

When my son was born, he looked 100% like his daddy. If I hadn't just witnessed him come out of me, I may not have been convinced he was mine! Then my baby pictures came to the rescue. I was relieved to find that even though he had Justin's lips, he had my smile. Through faded family photos, I saw my eyes and traces of Uncle Statler and Cousin Noah.

In the length of time it took to type this sentence, Caedmon has grown like a weed. He's thinned out so much, it's easy to forget he started as a chunky rolly polly. If I didn't have pictures to look back on, I would forget so many details that are so special to me. Like his chubby little hands having dimples where knuckles should have been. And his vampire stage where his incisors came in before his front teeth.

I'm so thankful to have these memories frozen in time. I can look at them any time I want. When he enters a new stage and starts to resemble a big boy instead of my baby, I will look at them. When he is throwing a tantrum and testing my sanity, I will look at the walls and smile at his sweetness. He will have these memories to use in the senior page of his yearbook, a wedding slideshow, and an album for his children.

I want this for you as well. Low resolution cell phone shots or pictures on a thumbdrive somewhere are not enough. Instead, how about beautiful, professional pictures that you will cherish the rest of your life? Pictures that YOU are in. And pictures on your walls, so that your heart swells every time you walk by them.

Click here if you're ready to connect or reach out with questions. So glad to meet you and hopefully serve you soon. -Whitney Boyd

P.S. When my husband read this, he teared up and said "I forgot about his vampire stage!" ...Dude, It was like 4 months ago! See what I mean?! Our sleep deprived brains cannot be trusted. Reason #17 to hire me for pictures.