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You’ve got Questions

I’ve got answers

Here are some of my most commonly asked questions. Please, please reach here to have your own questions answered. Sometimes it’s just easier to hop on a phone call and discuss details, expectations, vision and see if we’re a good fit. Sure, there may be some background noise as my kid’s compete for my attention (What is it about answering the phone that makes all hell break loose?!), but I still want to make time for you.

How long does a shoot usually last?

There’s no time limit on our session. We simply shoot until we feel like we got it! On average, most sessions last about an hour. Weather, location, light, ages and cooperation level of kids – all of these things factor in to whether we knock out a session in half an hour or an hour and a half. Newborn sessions can take a little longer for changings, feedings, and naps (me that is, I get exhausted!).

How many outfit changes can we have?

As many as your heart desires! And it depends on your goals and needs. If the end goal is a gallery above your sofa, stick with one outfit so that all the pictures go together. For senior pictures or headshots, variety might be the goal. Especially if you want to slowly leak pictures on social media or are building a website and want variety. Then you don’t want it to look like it all came from one shoot.

Are you pet friendly?

Yesh. If you want to bring your fur babies along for photos, they are welcome! I am allergic to cats and dogs, so I just ask that we shoot outdoors, not in home. In the open air, like the park or dog beach, I will have no issues! Pets are members of your family and they are invited.

Where should we take pictures?

You’ve got to figure out what you’re drawn to – beach? Downtown? Nature? We will chat about this in detail on our initial consult to figure out which location suits your needs the best. You can browse the blog for inspiration or if you have a new spot in mind, I’m up for exploring it!

Do you travel?

Between swim lessons to Starbucks to school pick up, I get around. But do I travel outside of Tampa Bay for photography? No, not really. With three littles at home, I protect my time by only serving Tampa Bay. That includes Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Trinity, New Port Richey, Oldsmar, Odessa, Safety Harbor, Tampa, Dunedin, Clearwater, and St. Pete.

What is the best time of day to shoot?

That depends on locations (and your kid’s nap schedule and a bunch of other factors). That glowy backlit time called “golden hour” is about an hour before sunset. If we are shooting somewhere with heavy shade, like a downtown, then any time of day is usually fine because we can hide in the shadows of buildings. The dreamy light in this photo was sunrise if you’re brave enough to get up and look amazing at the buttcrack of dawn (How did she do that?!)

Can we print on our own?

Yes, you get full printing rights when you download your gallery, but I forbid you to print at places like Walgreens or Costco! The quality is awful and after spending so much time, money and effort to look amazing, I don’t want your prints disgraced by those big box stores. Some of the online options do better, but they still don’t compare. I have access to professional labs, which are museum quality and made to last. My prints have a fine linen texture, which won’t glare if the light catches it wrong. You are free to print where you please, but I hope you pick me.

Do you shoot Headshots?

I sure do. I’m so glad you asked. My focus is families, but I do enjoy making people look amazing, so I’ve opened my door to headshots a little. I don’t do studio work or backdrops or artificial lighting (ew), just natural light portraits. You can check out my headshots and branding page here.

Do you shoot Weddings?

I’m better at corralling children than I am groomsmen. I do not offer weddings at this time. (You may be able to convince me if it’s a short, low key minimony on the beach). Sorry folks, I can’t do all the things. Family photography is my jam and I’d like to keep it at that.

What about events/parties?

Yes, I do take birthday parties, gender reveals, baptisms, and select events. The key is natural light. I don’t work with any fancy flash set up, so if the event is low light or nighttime, I’m probably not your gal. I don’t offer birth photography either because I’m not able to be on call for that. Have a specific event in mind? Just ask!

Do you offer Minis?

Minis are an event held once a year. I’m not a prop photographer and don’t do an elaborate staged set up. It’s simply an opportunity to get a brief session with a handful of digitals – perfect for someone who just needs a Christmas card or a quick portrait. Since I only offer these once a year, they fill up quickly. Your best chance of getting on the list is to join my newsletter. You’ll be one of the cool kids, the VIPs, who get first dibs.

What if it rains?

We all know Florida’s reputation for weather. It’s sweet and sour, like a toddler. One minute it’s sunny and the next it’s lightning or the front yard could be pouring and the back yard dry. I love shooting in clouds and “almost rain”, so we will play it by ear and only reschedule if it’s actually raining or unsafe.

Why should I hire Whitney Boyd?

If you want someone who is laid back, who takes pretty pictures, who makes this process easy and who won’t judge you when you’re kids are acting like fools, I may be the photographer for you! You is busy. You is tired. You is in yoga pants. But I see you and I know I can make the most beautiful memories for your family.

Family Photography Palm harbor

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Whitney was FANTASTIC at getting my family to cooperate including my wild toddler and stubborn husband. Our photos look genuine and natural and best of all we look happy. After only about a week of touch up lead time, we very quickly the owners of beautiful and professional family photos hanging on our wall!


Whitney Boyd Photography


Family Photography Palm harbor
Whitney was FANTASTIC at getting my family to cooperate including my wild toddler and stubborn husband. Our photos look genuine and natural and best of all we look happy. After only about a week of touch up lead time, we very quickly the owners of beautiful and professional family photos hanging on our wall!
Whitney Boyd Photography

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