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LOOK at these three!  Baby Karr is coming so soon and I can’t wait to meet her!  Jacob and Carrie were headed to the shoot straight from a doctor’s apt.  It was a race to beat the sunset, but I think we pulled it off!  Apparently, the Karrs left the doctor’s apt with the instructions to take it easy.  Of course, I didn’t know this as I’m asking her to walk, twirl, get up and down over and over and jump.  (jk jk, I would never ask a pregnant woman to jump).  A ranger pulled up and asked us to get out of the sea oats due to rattlesnakes.  I don’t know how you’d explain to the doctor how you got a rattlesnake bite while on “bed rest”.

I’m sure Carrie is resting comfortably now on her couch with feet propped up, drooling over her pictures where the sky matched her dress.  So glad we captured this season of anticipation before their lives change forever!


Baby vs Mango.  You know you’re a mom when you think every single thing this human does is adorable.  Eating a mango? Cutest thing ever.  Saying words?  Adorable.  ‘Helping’ with chores (aka making a bigger mess than before)? Priceless.  Sitting on the potty? Wouldn’t miss it.

All the way back before Christmas, I did a casting call giveaway for a free photoshoot.  The Johnson family were the lucky winners and we finally wrapped it up!  This ended up being a 2 part shoot at 2 different parks.  I loved their outfits and we had fun!  Thanks Johnson family for putting up with all my style suggestions.  I was trying to get plenty of good examples of what to wear and how to coordinate the family.  To all my future clients, I can’t wait for you to get your hands on the style guide!  We cover everything from how to choose time and location, how to accessorize, how to prep the family, timeline of getting your photos, and a session checklist.  Hopefully, it will make your life easier.  The style guide is available to all clients.  Once the shoot is on the books, we can discuss it in person over coffee or I can shoot it over email.  Enjoy these pics Johnson fam and congrats on your win!



   The more ridiculous, the better.  Whether it’s a Halloween costume or a bowtie, now is your chance to do it up!  It won’t be long before your child has an opinion about what he or she wears….and will have the strength and coordination to wiggle out of it!  The bigger the better is the gold standard for hair bows.  Think baby suspenders, lion costumes, tutus, baby glasses and mustaches.



  Kids have a reputation for getting dirty.  It’s part of how they learn and absorb the world (through osmosis it seems based on their behavior).  Being covered in mud/avocado/paint/fill-in-the-blank is less cute as an adult; but somehow, these babies pull it off.  Pro tip – get messy with them.  It will wash off (probably) and you’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll have.



   Babies love to have fingers pressed white, nose smashed up and breath on the glass.  The lighting is always perfect near a window and will catch the babies eyes just right.  You usually get both the silhouette and the baby’s reflection which adds visual interest to the photo.  Plus their profile is so precious at that age, weighed down by all those cheeks.  Another helpful trick with a window spot is that there is usually something exciting going on outside.  Babies have pretty low standards for was constitutes as ‘exciting’.  A leaf blowing in the wind could catch their attention and hold them in one place long enough to snap the photo.



   Speaking of getting kids to hold still long enough to take a photo, how about trapping them in some sort of container?  Baby prison could be a basket, wagon, bathtub or kitchen sink.  Baby in a basket gets me every time.  Works best with newborns because most baskets are on the smaller side.  And what did you think that big farmhouse sink was for?  Not for a piles of dirty dishes….but for piles of baby rolls.  Kids absolutely love bath time.  Sometimes I throw him in there even when he’s not dirty.  He’s contained and happy and mommy can sit down.  To me, a bath time pic is a must have because you capture the baby looking different than his other pics.  Hair looks darker all wet, or you can stick it up in a mohawk with a bubble bath beard.  It’s part of your every day routine that deserves documenting.



   A picture with mom.  So often, mom is behind the camera or phone snapping and posting a million clicks a minute.  I don’t care that you just had a baby and you don’t love your body yet.  I don’t care that you haven’t slept and don’t have time to fix yourself up.  It’s fun to document how small and sweet your baby is.  But it adds another layer of emotion to document how small they are in your arms.  How tall they are next to your leg.  The looks they give you and the snuggles you share.  I don’t need to tell you that they grow up in the blink of an eye.  You’ve been told.  But taking photos together is your chance to do something about it.  It’s a way to slow it down and keep that stage forever.  (Note: This applies to dad too).

Thanks for making it all the way to the end!  Comment below to share your ideas of MUST HAVE baby photos!  I’d love to hear from you.  Click here to stay in the loop and never miss an article or promo from Whitney Boyd Photography.  Click here if you’re ready to book with Whitney Boyd Photography!



Hey, I’m Whitney.  A momtographer living in Tarpon Springs, FL.  Caedmon is my adorable 1.5 yr old who keeps me on my toes.  There’s plenty of motherhood that I’m not winning at.  My house is a total dog hair covered mess most days.  I can’t bring myself to wean him off the binkie, despite the fact that it’s shaping his teeth (and the pediatrician yells at me).  He also may or may not have eaten dog poop the other day…

But I’ve also got some wins to celebrate.  And one of those is that I’ve been intentional about taking his pictures.  You would think that would be easy as a photographer, but it’s not!  He’s on the move and it’s hard to manage from behind the camera.  But because I know the value of photography when you have a kid growing like a weed, I’ve been committed.  I’ve busted my camera out once a month for his first year!  That makes up for him eating poop, right?  I hope you enjoyed the list of 5 must have photos.  Whether you hire a professional to take these photos (pick me!) or shoot them on your phone, it’s time to get snapping!

-Whitney Boyd

The uncertainty of 2017 is rolling in like a thick fog.  Big changes are coming for my photography business over these next few months.  And although I’m excited for the transformation that’s about to take place;  truthfully, I’m shaking in my boots.  I’m scared of what success will look like.  There are already not nearly enough hours in my day and now I’m going to triple my workload? I want to shoot more, write more, post more and even paint more.  I’m worried that people will come to expect creativity and my well will run dry.  Mostly I’m worried that ramping up my efforts in the photography world will rob my family. I do want to lose quality time with them!

The coming change I’m referring to is a photography business course.  It’s a 2 month program of intensive reinvention of the whole thing.  I will consult with a team of people – Goals coach, photographer to critique skills, website specialist, logo specialist, marketing specialist, etc. Along with videos and other course content.  I’m ready for my skill level to improve, but mostly my reach.  I’ve never had a marketing mind.  So it’s time to ask for help!  The course is only 2 months, but the productivity and systems we place will need to be maintained.

These worries are starting to crowd my excitement as the course draws near.  So I’m going to wipe them off, ball them up, and cast them to the curb.  Fear has nothing to offer me, so I will quit entertaining it. I will do the best I can, find out what works and doesn’t work, and pray for God’s grace to come alongside me.  I’m just going to run into the fog like my precious baby boy below. Hands up, saying “Bring it on 2017”!   What is your goal for next year that shakes you to the core?  The thing that you can’t imagine life with or without??  I want to know!