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Investment Guide

Hey there!

Creating beautiful pictures of your family is not enough (that’s the easy part) – I also want to make this PAINLESS as possible for you!

It’s hard enough to coordinate the outfits, spend the money and carve out the time…you don’t need to be dealing with a complicated booking process or confusing packages.

I’ve taken care of everything. My gallery is grandma proof and my process is seamless. Let me show you around!

Digital files in every collection

I know you’re eager to show off your pictures – after all Mom, you are finally in the frame with your babies! And not the blurry, double chin photos that dad takes of you (we know you mean well Dad). Each collection comes with some amount of full resolution digital files for your to do with and share as you please!

Print Credit in every collection

But let’s not stop there and never do anything with these memories. We don’t want your photos to be old news on the bottom of the feed or collecting digital dust on a harddrive somewhere. Let’s create something tangeable to serve as a constant reminder of the love you share for each other. I don’t presume to know whether you need two 8x10s or if you actually prefer an album. A print credit doesn’t box you into a rigid package. You spend it on the products that speak to you!

Did you know that printed photos boosts kid’s confidence?

It’s science. Look it up (no seriously, a study was done in 1975 that showed this!). Kids who see their photos up on the wall can see where they belong in the family and that they are valuable. My 3 year old supported this research when she gazed up at the frame photo over the couch and said “My brother always loves me.” So sweet! Even though they fight like cats and dogs at times, she had proof that she is cherished.

How it Works

Pricing, Products, & Process

The Summary

  • 1. PREP
    Make it official with the session fee and contracts, then the fun begins! Questionnaire, outfit consulting, and posing guide coming at you.
  • 2. SHOOT
    All of your “homework” will have you so prepared to knock your session out of the park! Relax and laugh with your family and I’ll take it from here.
    Two weeks later, enjoy a beautiful slideshow of your pictures from the comfort of home. Watch as many times as you’d like in 24 hrs, then choose your collection (how many digitals, how much print credit).
  • 4. GALLERY
    After your collection is paid, I’ll send your gallery. You’ll have a full month to choose your digitals and how to spend your print credit.

1. Session Fee – $350

The session fee makes it official and is all you need to get on the books! This covers all the work that goes into your session – prepping, shooting and editing! Digitals and printed products are purchased after your view your photos, that way you only pay for what you love.

2. Slideshow

About 2 weeks after your session, you’ve got mail! Your photos will be edited to perfection and ready to enjoy in a beautiful slideshow set to music. There’s no high pressure, in person ordering appointment. You’ll be on your own couch in your yoga pants, enjoying your pictures with glass of wine (or bowl of ice cream – you do you). You’ll have 24 hours to watch this slideshow as many times as you’d like, then you’ll decide which collection you’d like to purchase.

Why the 24 hour timeframe?

I have found that providing a deadline for my clients actually helps them get it done!

Life gets busy

Having to decide between this photo and that one and then what size to print and which color frame….it’s easy to get overwhelmed and push it to the back burner.

Let’s cross it

Off your to do list and get it up on you walls! And don’t worry, you will choose when that 24 hour window starts so we know it’s a good time for you.

3. Collections

After seeing your pictures, you’ll choose from 3 collections, each one having a varied amount of digitals and print credit. And whether you choose the lowest package or the highest, you’ll still get the full service amazing Whitney Boyd Photography experience, including wardrobe consulting and posing guide on plenty of beautiful photos to choose from in your gallery!

The Collections

Because we need to remember this stuff

4. Gallery

After your collection is paid, I’ll send your gallery. Scroll through and zoom in on all your pictures to pick your favorites! You’ll have a full month to choose your digitals and how to spend your print credit. The gallery is set up so you can easily add things to your cart and check out without having to go back and forth with tedious emails about image numbers and sizing.

The Shop

Here are my most popular products


We have several options – fine art linen texture, matted, framed, or deckled (hand torn edges). Prices start at $25 for a loose 8×10 print. Beautiful glass and metal display boxes are available in the shop as well if you’ve run out of wall space.

wedding gift


Wrapped or framed, canvases add a beautiful soft touch to your home decor. The one pictured here is called “The Phainting” – it’s a photo printed on canvases and then painted by my talented sister. Canvases start at $190 for 12×18.


I love thumbing through my parent’s albums with 4x6s of my childhood pasted on a page. In this modern age, albums can get overlooked – but we need to bring them back! They will be your child’s favorite book =) Albums start at $450.

Common Q&As:

What if we don’t want prints?

The print credit has no cash value and therefore can’t be refunded. But you do have the option to also spend it on extra digitals, the slideshow with music, or an archive back up of your photos. Anything in the shop is fair game!

What happens to the session fee if we cancel?

Since I use the session fee to hold the calendar open for you and decline serving other clients, it is not refundable. In the case of a reschedule due to weather or illness, we simply move that session fee to a back up date.

Why choose a professional lab over a local one?

I’m so glad you asked. Places like Walgreens, Costco, and even Shutterfly use cheap ink and even worse paper. We don’t need your baby to look like she got a spray tan! After all the time, money, and brain power you’ve invested into photos, let’s not disgrace your hard work with a sloppy print that will fade with time.

Who gets to choose our images?

It’s a team effort! I will sort through all the hundreds of photos from our session and take out the blinks, blurry ones, and duplicates. The best ones get edited to perfection and put in your slideshow. So even if you go with the lowest collection because you only need 5 photos for a Christmas card, you’ll still have the full gallery to choose from. The ones that make the final cut will be your favorites, not mine.

There you have it!

If you have any questions, please ask! Email is the best way to reach me cause I probably have at minimum 2 children climbing on my body and talking over me. =)

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