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Posing tips for Couples

Posing tips

for Couples

When I present posing tips, please know that following these does NOT mean that your photos will look the same as everyone else. We will laugh and explore and create memories that are unique to you. But…it’s nice to have some poses in our back pocket to pull out when we are stuck.

The “sit and snuggle” pose is pictured in the header image. The girl is leaned back into the guy and they are interacting like I’m not even there. It looks cohesive and relaxed, like you belong together.

Bride and groom St Pete Beach

Here’s another example

Of the “using your man like a chair” pose =)

And do you see that nuzzle? His forehead to her temple.

Here’s a standing up version

The “Bear hug” pose. His arms are wrapped around his woman and she is holding onto him. Ya know, and then we have a perfect beach day, with a breeze and gorgeous models…. =)

I love it when couples aren’t afraid to do a little twirl! I’m not much of a dancer in real life, so I know this one would feel awkward for me. But if it looks fun – give it a try!

Dunedin Causeway Photoshoot

Beautiful movement

here instead of “Let’s book look at the camera and smile”.

maternity shoot on Honeymoon island

Sometimes it’s harder than it looks

Like if you’re carrying around a bowling ball in your belly. But it still makes for some genuine laughter when it doesn’t work out.

I saved the best for last. This couples pose is great for a traditional, smiling photo – but the way you position yourselves makes all the difference! Here is a page out of my posing guide, a little diagram for you:

See the “How to look slimmer in pictures” section of the posing guide on this post here.

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