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Photos on the dock

This family has done it again! These little models knocked it out of the park in every single shot! I can't decide if I like the front steps the best or the backlight dock at sunset. Or the vintage ... READ the POST

Headshot minis anyone?

Fall and Spring minis went so well, I'm wondering about offering Headshot minis. Often times, people just need a handful of images instead of my normal full session. So it seems like offering a 10 ... READ the POST

Philippe Park Photos

Philippe park is another popular photoshoot location that I seem to never frequent! The last time I shot there, I had absolutely NO cellphone service and my client was lost and I couldn't reach her! ... READ the POST

A minimony

I always start a blog post like this with "I don't shoot weddings" and then show off some beautiful wedding shots. It's true - I don't shoot weddings (As a general rule)! But a few times a year, I ... READ the POST

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