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What to expect in a Branding Session

ALL branding sessions are different.

What we shoot, how long it takes, and how many pictures you need – all of it is custom to your business.

But here are some of the commonly asked Q&As when it comes to Branding.

What to Expect

for your Session

Most branding sessions include these aspects


Each team member will get a handful of individual portraits. I try to provide a mix of horizontal, vertical and zoomed out so that you can crop into a circle if needed. Use one on the website, a different one for business cards, and one for your email signature.


We will try to get a lot of candids and in between moments as well to really showcase who you are, as an individual and as a brand. I am not the photographer who will unravel a huge backdrop, set up a bunch of artificial lighting in your face and plop you on a stool. We are going for relaxed and relatable.


Since I don’t set up elaborate flashes, for lighting, we will just shoot near a window. I’d love to step outside if you location allows it to get a nice bright option as well. My camera performs very well in low light, but if your location is especially dark, we will brainstorm some solutions together.

Office or product shots.

I am definitely a people photographer =), but if you’d like shots of your office or any of the products you sell, let me know when you inquire! We’d chat details and make sure I can fulfill your vision for this shoot.

Action shots

We want clients to be able to picture you in your element, doing whatever it is you do (serving them!).

Stock photos

Instead of stock photos on your website, we can even snap a few of our own. This will match the rest of the shoot to keep thinks cohesive for a website.

Mock Clients

Bring a fake client with you to help model what you do. In this photoshoot, we simply swapped jackets and shot from behind to use an employee as a client.

Group Photos

In addition to individual headshots, we can also grab team photos. (And don’t worry if your gallery shows images like this one, with a lot of extra space or distracting backgrounds. I leave plenty of room in the photo on purpose in case your web designer needs to crop into a square or circle, for example. I am happy to crop or edit for you depending on your needs.

Common Q&As

for Branding

What to expect

You photos will hit your inbox in 2 weeks.

I will edit all the good ones and make a beautiful gallery for you. Retouching is minimal – some skin smoothing and brightening the eyes

For Headshots

The session fee of $350 has already been paid, now you just need to add pictures to you cart. You can buy as many or few as you like or need for $65/photo.

For Branding

For a session like this one, with multiple people and a variety of shots, the full amount is already paid up front ($1,800). You entire gallery will be available for download. No need to sort through which ones to keep or let go of – you get them all!

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