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Bring a friend for senior pictures!

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Bring a friend for senior pictures! It really takes the edge of as far as being nervous in front of the camera! If it’s someone you are close with (not self conscious around), then having your bestie there will elevate the experience. They will watch out for your bra straps, fix your hair, cheer you on, and laugh to the next spot. And how special to be able to jump in a group photo together to remember your friendship forever.

And did I mention you get to split the session fee?! How my pricing is structured is that you pay a session fee of $350 that gets you on the books and covers the time spent prepping, shooting, editing, etc. Then after your view your pictures in a beautiful slideshow, you choose your collection (how many digitals you want and how much print credit you need). With a combined shoot, I only have to prep, shoot and edit once, so we can split that session fee! Everyone will still get their own unique gallery and can choose their own package and prints from there.

This shoot was of my neice and her friends, so my girls tagged along to jump in a few as well. =)

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