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Family Photos University of Tampa

One of my first "real" clients ever was at the University of Tampa. I'm not sure exactly why it took me a over a decade to come back here! This spot is great! Rich in history, stunning ornate ... READ the POST

Senior Photos for dancer in Tampa

Oh my word, what a great session! I love working with a dancer! So graceful, beautiful and as a bonus - comfortable in front of the camera! We had a blast exploring Tampa. We started with Armature ... READ the POST

Babies Shower!

Baby shower for QUADS! That's right, this momma has 4 precious babies in her belly. Please send all the prayers for these sweet little people inside of her - and for the rest of the family too! As ... READ the POST

Family Photos on Vacation in Tampa Bay

A family vacation is the perfect time to update your family photos! You are relaxed, you are warm, and you are together! What more do you need?! Since your vaca is a short time with likely lots ... READ the POST

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