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Headshot minis anyone?

Fall and Spring minis went so well, I'm wondering about offering Headshot minis. Often times, people just need a handful of images instead of my normal full session. So it seems like offering a 10 ... READ the POST

Philippe Park Photos

Philippe park is another popular photoshoot location that I seem to never frequent! The last time I shot there, I had absolutely NO cellphone service and my client was lost and I couldn't reach her! ... READ the POST

A minimony

I always start a blog post like this with "I don't shoot weddings" and then show off some beautiful wedding shots. It's true - I don't shoot weddings (As a general rule)! But a few times a year, I ... READ the POST

Crystal Beach session

I went from having NEVER done a photoshoot in Crystal Beach to doing THREE there in one weekend! I'm not sure why I've never shot there before! It's literally 3 minutes from my house and ended up ... READ the POST

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